Our Mission

Be a technology developer and trustful manager in renewable energy industry.

Our Vision

Create live for environment, and create benefit for customers.

Solar power plants

King Energy has integrated many excellent partners to establish a team for solar power plants, including wafer, chip, module and EPC. Our team has built 213 high quality solar power plants around Taiwan, and the capacity is over 1.2MW.

Wind Turbines

King Energy 4.8 KW wind turbines are made of FRP and high quality permanent magnets, so the operation efficiency is 33%. King Energy uses automatic wagging tail brake device to keep output stable to the power grid. Also king Energy applied remote control technology to monitor the turbines. As a result, King Energy 4.8Kw wind turbine showed an operation efficiency of 33% in MIRDC test.

King Energy`s 4.8 kw wind power turbine

Metal Industries Research & Development Center, Chiku
Source: King Energy

The performance of King Energy`s 4.8 kw wind power turbine

The efficiency is 33% when the wind speed is 8 meters per second

Source: Metal Industry Research & Development Center


Wind speed estimation for coastal area around Taiwan

Most of the weather stations of Central Weather Bureau (CWB) are in urban areas, where wind speed can be decreased by Friction Effect of landscape. Because wind power turbines will be established in coastal areas, we have estimated the wind speed of coastal areas...

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Estimated income from generating electricity

According to the test report of Metal Industries research & Development Center for King Energy`s 4.8kW wind power turbines shows: The annual generation of electricity will be 11,088 kWh if the wind speed is 6 meters per second. It means an income of 94,357 NTDs...

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Wholesale purchase rates

According to The Electricity Act article 60, electricity prices shall be set at a level commensurate with the necessary cost plus a reasonable profit. And said reasonable profit shall be calculated on the basis of the present value of the replacement cost for the...

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